Wireless Site Surveys and Heatmapping

Choose Networks provides wifi site surveys & heatmaps for every type of project.
Whenever there is a need to install a new wireless network system for your whole organization, it is advantageous to perform a site survey assessment first.

Our wireless site surveys improve network performance.

We provide wireless site surveys, assessments, wireless network support and wireless network consulting services. Our wireless network technicians are certified and experienced in providing accurate site surveys. In addition, we have the vendor relationships to ensure efficient wireless deployments and meet the expectation of our clients.

Choose Networks will help you with an array of wireless planning, deployment and support activities such as RF planning, design, site survey/coverage audits, control, policy enforcement, RTLS, and associated integration works.

The benefits of a site survery prior to installation of a wireless network are:

  • Ensure bandwidth is adequate to meet the needs of your business and customers.
  • Minimize direct and indirect costs to your business.
  • Ensure the wireless network meets the security requirements of the business.
  • Ensure the signal coverage of the network is sufficient across the premises.

Our Predictive Site Survey is able to predict the following.

  • Signal Strength
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (based on channel overlap)
  • PHY Rates
  • Signal Coverage
  • Data Rates
wireless connections network image

A predictive site survey is a virtual survey of your site or facility which uses pertinent information about the site to plan the wireless network. Typically this means the building floor plans are loaded into predictive site survey software to develop a wireless network design.

Predictive site survey tools will account for building materials, square footage, the number of wireless users, types of applications, antenna models and other variables to provide a reliable predictive wireless plan for your facility.

wireless network heatmap

If you're planning a network setup, wired or wireless, you can count on Choose Networks.

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