Most nonprofit organizations are focused on driving their cause, hiring staff support, engaging volunteers and donor support, and applying for grants to cover financial needs. It’s no surprise that technology solutions can be the last thing on your list of to-dos.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals have increasingly taken advantage of organizations that sometimes do not have the means to implement the right network security services systems.

ChooseNetworks offers three managed IT support services to help relieve your IT headaches, cut down on costs, and, most importantly, protect and support your non-profit:

Vigilance Cyberthreat Protection protects your non-profit from a cyber threat before, during, and after the attack. This is especially important for organizations who store volunteer or donor information.

Sentinel Services are available 24/7 for computer support and we’ll often resolve issues faster than your support provider so that your systems aren’t down when you’re in need of essential documents.

We are available around-the-clock through our Network Security Services to monitor your network and secure your protected data.

Many nonprofits and charity organizations are aware of how important network security is but simply don’t have the time to place the proper protocols in place to maintain their system.

Contact us today to get a free network security assessment and see how our IT consulting services solutions can cut down costs and get your network back on track.

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