The ability for companies and vendors to create new products and distribute them to local and global markets is the foundation of the US economy.

Unfortunately, the technology solutions used by many manufacturing companies are outdated and prone to cyber attacks due to faulty network management or security protocols.

Choose Networks offers three managed security services so your company can focus on empowering the economy without the fear of a network disaster:

By training your employees with cyber security education and mitigating malware behaviors, our Vigilance Cyberthreat Protection Services saves your data from being lost to attackers and spam before they ever reach your network.

Our Sentinel Services proactively monitors your systems and provides emergency support in order to resolve disruptions and reduce downtime for you and your team.

Network Security safeguards your system against intruders and actively improves these systems through routine updates, vulnerability testing, and proactive security implementation.

Don’t let IT disruptions stop your team’s workflow and compromise important company data. Get in touch with one of our specialists to see how ChooseNetworks can support you.

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