Many hospitals and health insurance companies are in the hands of critical patient information protected by HIPAA.

Unfortunately, there are many cyber criminals looking to take advantage of network issues or system loopholes in order to compromise patient and employee information for their own sake.

That’s why Choose Networks is a full service IT solutions company that provides three managed security services.

Vigilance Cyberthreat Protection proactively defends your systems against criminals who are looking to take advantage of personal health information that isn’t protected by encryption technology.

Our Sentinel Services ensures that your healthcare team is operating on reliable computers by actively monitoring your systems and providing 24/7 emergency support for disruptions.

From point-of-sale intrusions to phishing scams, our Network Security Services proactively defends your system from cyber threats, provides consultation to improve current systems, and supports your team when disruptions happen.

In the midst of helping patients heal, training new employees, and managing health services, finding the right technology solution can be difficult to implement because the right infrastructure or personnel are not in place to manage these systems.

Reach out to ChooseNetworks for a free network security assessment to see how our services can cut down IT costs, reduce downtime, and protect your company.

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