3 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You

1. Be available. Today, when customers expect products to be available on-the- go, businesses must do the same. Set up reliable resources to update and manage customer experience, for example, by setting up an automatic callback system. Instead of waiting on hold, callers get added to a list then receive the call when he service team is ready.

Employee Spotlight: Adam Haselwood, System Administrator

Adam Haselwood has been with Iconic IT for nearly three years. He is a system administrator with a background in everything from retail sales at Toys ‘R’ Us and Best Buy to running a Gaming LAN center with a friend. Adam is an alumnus from Butler Community College with his Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences and many IT Certifications.

Top Strategies I Learned to Fight Off Complacency And Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

Jesse Itzler is a man of many talents. He spoke at a recent conference this past fall and brought a lot of great business insight with him. Itzler got his start as a rapper in the early ’90s. He worked with artists including Tone Loc, wrote a song that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 (“Shake It Like A White Girl”), and wrote and sang the New York Knicks theme song, “Go NY Go.” He then went on to write the theme songs for over 50 other professional sports teams.

Who Wants To Win a $20 Gift Card?

You can be the Grand Prize Winner of this month’s Trivia Challenge Quiz! Just be the first person to correctly answer this month’s trivia question and receive a $20 gift card.

Which British mathematician and inventor, known as the 'Father of the Computer', designed a mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine which was an early forerunner of the computer we know today?

A) John Logie Baird

B) Alexander Graham Bell

C) Michael Faraday

D) Charles Babbage

Call Randy with your answer at 316-928-8810!

Know The Signs Of Burnout Before It’s Too Late

When we work too much and neglect to take care of ourselves, the result is burnout. But burnout doesn’t just show up overnight. The signs of burnout can appear over days, weeks or months. Here are the major signs of burnout:

• Feeling exhausted

• Lacking energy

• Loss of drive

• Feeling angry or frustrated

• Quick to temper

• Sleeplessness

• Depression

On top of these, what you once loved to do now feels like a burden.