What is HIPAA and How Does it Affect You?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established industry standards for healthcare organizations and the vendors that service them. HIPAA law was enacted to ensure that protected health information (PHI) is properly safeguarded.

3 IT Investments You Should NEVER Skimp On

What is standing between your business’s data and hackers a world away? What’s your plan when your on-site server fails?

When you skimp on technology and IT solutions for your business, the answers to these two questions are simple: 1) There is nothing standing between your business’s sensitive data and people who want to take advantage of that data; and 2) There is no plan.

Extended Partner Spotlight: TOP Learning Center

Who is TOP Learning Center?
TOP is the acronym for “The Opportunity Project” where they provide a High Quality Early Education / Learning experience to kids ages 12 months and walking to school age! They partner with both the Wichita and Derby school Districts, Head Start, and serve those living in the communities our schools are located in.

4 Reasons CEOs Should Plan For Failure and Encourage Risk-Taking

Every successful company leader will tell you that failure is a part of business, but far fewer will admit they plan for failure. Growing a business requires taking risks, and failure is a frequent outcome on the journey to achieving success.

In their best-selling book Switch, co-authors and brothers Chip and Dan Heath describe how world-renowned design firm IDEO (perhaps best known for its work with Apple) plans for failure during its design process.

The Shocking Truth Behind The Growing Cybercrime Threats You Face…

And What You Can Do to Prevent it TODAY
Are businesses losing the war on cybercrime? One recent article on ZDNet says yes. The number of security breaches has risen by 11% just in the last year. This is costing businesses even more in lost revenue dealing with these kinds of attacks.

Top Tips for Giving Better Speeches

Whenever you stand in front of a group, big or small, your influence and effectiveness are on the line. Whenever you speak publicly, no matter the occasion, it offers people a chance to form an opinion of you and your leadership abilities. Here are four tips to ensure your success when it comes time for you to present your ideas.

Employee Spotlight: Angela Stevens

Angela Stevens, Systems Administrator
Angela Stevens has been working with computer information systems since the late 1980’s. In 2014, Angela started up her own IT company, which was bought out by Pixius Communications, LLC in 2016. After working for Pixius for 3 years, Choose Networks acquired the managed service department from Pixius and so Angela assumed the role of System Administrator with Choose.

Who Else Wants to Win a $20 Gift Card?

You can be the Grand Prize Winner of this month’s Trivia Challenge Quiz!

Just be the first person to correctly answer this month’s trivia question and receive a $20 gift card.

Which of these is not a computer operating system?

A) Linux
B) Microsoft Windows
C) Apple OS X
D) Photoshop

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INTRODUCING Robin Cowell, Inside Sales / Licensing Specialist

Robin Cowell has been in the Tech Industry for over 20 years, at Choose Networks for about 2 ½ years specializing in Licensing, and quoting hardware to our client partners and is our O365 admin. She works with clients on their hardware refreshes and ensures their hardware is up to date.

Are YOU Prepared For The End of Windows 7?

On January 14, 2020, the world will bid a fond farewell to the beloved Windows 7 operating system. Well, sort of. Microsoft has declared that, after that date, it will no longer update or support the system. It’s the final nail in the coffin for a trustworthy, oft-touted software package that’s been running on fumes since newer versions hit the scene.