About Choose Networks


Choose Networks was established in 2001 by Chris Hoose and has proudly provided small business tech support services since. Today Choose Networks employs more than 42 people at our IT consulting services company and is growing steadily.

Choose Networks truly exemplifies the spirit of being a small business.

  • Our team is described as “family” by all members
  • Adherence to a set of Core Values is the center of our Culture
  • A belief in a common purpose focuses our attention on our customers
  • Retaining employees is crucial to our success (14+ years later our first employee is still here)
  • Long relationships with customers allow us to continue to grow. (18 years in business and we still provide services to our first customer)
  • Dedicated to the community that has given so much to us

Chris Hoose On Describing Choose Networks:

I have often described Choose Networks as being my youngest child. Born in 2001, those first couple of years it was just “father and son”. In the beginning, I could teach him everything he needed to know, but just like any child his need for knowledge exceeded my capabilities. It has taken family members (employees), friends (customers), teachers (business consultants) society (technology community) and revivals (conferences) to encourage him to grow. As my youngest child turns 18 this year, I know that he will always want me in his life but he has become self-sufficient. Like any parent, I don’t ever want to be a burden to my child but I sure hope he takes care of me when I get older.

My child has positively impacted many people, including those he is close to such as family and friends, and those in his community. I feel lucky to have been involved in his entire life.

Look to the dedicated team at Choose Networks for cyber security services, wireless network services, and all of your small business’s IT needs.


From an employee’s point-of-view

“Never before have I worked for a company where my manager asked me to Trust them to get an issue handled, and I felt that I actually could. Here at Choose, I have never had that problem”

– Matt Crouse



From an employee’s point-of-view

“No matter what is going on around us, The Choose Team sticks together as a team, performs like a team, and accomplishes the end result like a team.”

– Robin Cowell



From an employee’s point-of-view

“Our culture is forefront as we add team members. We are all stewards of the family we created. We excel at adding new team members and making them feel included from moment one.”

– Dawn McCallie



From an employee’s point-of-view

“To me that question points to our diverse clients that we serve in different work roles that makes us very diverse in what we can provide to our clients.”

– Austin Aronis