Employee Spotlight: Adam Haselwood, System Administrator

Employee Spotlight: Adam Haselwood, System Administrator

Adam Haselwood has been with Iconic IT for nearly three years. He is a system administrator with a background in everything from retail sales at Toys ‘R’ Us and Best Buy to running a Gaming LAN center with a friend. Adam is an alumnus from Butler Community College with his Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences and many IT Certifications.

Adam loves his job at Iconic IT. He enjoys meeting a wide variety of people from every field and loves the “behind the scenes” look at each business. As Adam describes it, “It’s like being in an episode of ‘How Things Work’ again and again.”

Adam spends his time off with his fur children, cats Alice and Lilith. He is an avid gamer and a loyal Star Wars fan. The force is strong with this one: he takes his love of Star Wars to a whole new level by playing the films’ characters for good causes. As part of the 501st Legion, Adam gets to portray bad guys from Star Wars and promote the franchise to a new generation while raising funds for children through public events. His group, www.Great- PlainsSquad.org, is part of a wider organization that regularly visits children in hospitals and sponsors “Star Wars Night” at sporting events. Chances are, you may have seen Adam on the news at one of these gatherings.

When not enjoying Star Wars films or delighting children in hospitals, you may find Adam poring over a good book. He is a Stephen King buff, currently reading the “Dark Tower” series for the third time.

Adam loves to quote Han Solo: “This is where the fun begins!” He feels the quote is perfect for nearly any situation, from fun to sarcastic and everything in between.

Adam has a very eclectic taste in music, including The Beatles and Marilyn Manson, but don’t be too surprised if you find him at a Christina Aguilera concert, waving his light saber in homage to “Genie in a Bottle.”