What to Do if You’ve been Hit with a Ransomware Attack

Newspaper Showing the Headline “Cyber Attack” | ChooseNetworks.com
Ransomware attacks, often originating from email attachments, encrypt your data, forcing you to pay a hefty sum to hackers to get your data back. You don’t always have to put yourself at the mercy of these hackers, however. If you read our previous blog post and have put some protective measures in place, you should be in a good spot when the attack hits.

Get a Summary of Your System Memory – If you made a backup, or at least have a summary of your system memory, decrypting your data will be a lot simpler.

Disconnect the System and Disable Automated Procedures – When you detect a ransomware attack, you should immediately disconnect the system to prevent further breaches. Disable your automated backup procedures as well to keep the backup you made safe.

Block Access to Servers – To prevent further tampering, all access to your servers should be blocked.

Examine Emails – Because ransomware so often gets through network security in the form of email attachments, you should examine the emails in your network so you can spot the source of the attack.

Notify Law Enforcement – Ransomware attacks are a serious crime. If your business has been attacked, you should consider reaching out to law enforcement for assistance.

Work with Choose Networks for IT disaster recovery when you find yourself in the midst of a ransomware attack. Our expert IT specialists are ready to help you keep your data protected.