Fighting Spam in Your Email

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Email security is an important issue that all businesses must consider. Spam emails frequently feature viruses and malware that can damage your computers. To protect yourself from an IT disaster, you should do what it takes to protect your email. Chose Networks, the company you rely on when seeking the top IT consulting firms, is here to provide you with some recommendations.

Filter Your Email
A simple way to stop spam from infiltrating your system is by making sure that you have strong email filters set up. A specialist can talk to you about your needs to make sure your filters are set at a level that will not cause you to lose emails from clients or potential leads.

Train Your Staff
Making sure that your staff knows when to open an email is vital for every business. If your team understands that they should never be downloading any files from individuals they do not know, then there will not be a problem. Have your entire team meet for regular training sessions to ensure that everyone knows what is going on at all times.

Purchase Domain Privacy
When you register a website, all of your contact information is posted online. Anyone who wants to contact you directly will be able to find you with ease. When you purchase domain privacy, your information is blocked to the public. The only way anyone will be able to see your info is if they send a request to the registrar.