Extended Partner Spotlight: TOP Learning Center

Extended Partner Spotlight: TOP Learning Center

Who is TOP Learning Center?

TOP is the acronym for “The Opportunity Project” where they provide a High Quality Early Education / Learning experience to kids ages 12 months and walking to school age! They partner with both the Wichita and Derby school Districts, Head Start, and serve those living in the communities our schools are located in. TOP South was the first of 3 locations and opened in 2003 at 47th & K-15 partnering with the Derby School District. In 2006 TOP North was opened just North and West of 21st and Grove, down the street from the Boys & Girls Club, and in 2011 we opened TOP Northwest at 25th & Arkansas.

How does TOP Learning Center impact the local community?

Their mission is to deliver a high-quality early learning experience to children living in poverty, providing them the tools needed for emotional, academic, and lifelong success.

What makes Choose Networks an excellent partner for your organization?

Choose Tech Support team is very efficient, and go the extra mile to ask the right questions to get a speedy resolution to whatever issue we may have come up. Whether it’s the detailed server support team, hardware replacement, volume licensing or just setting up a new user, they make our life easier as we don’t have to worry about IT issues, or wondering if “it’s been fixed”, as they are on top of it!