What To Do When a Network Disaster Strikes

What To Do When a Network Disaster Strikes

Let’s get your team back on track. Here are some preventative steps your business can Laptop with an Under Construction sign on the keyboard | ChooseNetworks.comtake to minimize damage to your corporate local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), internet, or other wireless services:

Refer to a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

The first step is to prepare your key personnel on the next critical recovery steps. The recovery plan should highlight team responsibilities, actionable tasks for personnel to fix the problem, and important phone numbers of corporate vendors or third-party software companies. Make sure each member of the disaster team is aware of their part in the event of an emergency.

Take Action

Once a network disaster strikes, you’ll want to get your business back in order as soon as possible. A senior manager will decide whether the issue is a disaster following the recovery plan, delegate any appropriate tasks, and contact the appropriate software or support companies. You should also consider IT disaster recovery services to quickstart the recovery process while your team focuses on returning to normal operations.


As soon as a network issue is resolved, some businesses will simply move on and get back to work. Scheduling a disaster debriefing gives your team the chance to discuss and provide feedback. Let your teams discuss what worked and what needs improvement in order to review and update the recovery plan in case another crisis strikes.

When a network solution breaks down, the whole company is affected. Employees are left without the tools they need to perform their job, customers are frustrated, or productivity is completely shut down because of downtime.

We’ll save your time and money when a disaster strikes next!

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