4 Reasons You Should Move Your Data to the Cloud TODAY

4 Reasons You Should Move Your Data to the Cloud TODAY

If you’re one of the skeptics holding out on incorporating cloud technology into your business, you’re in the minority.

Today, a full 93% of businesses now use the cloud in their day-to-day operations, according to RightScale.

Here’s why.

  1. The cloud increases profits. The nimble, location-flexible nature of the cloud enables lean, remote operation from anywhere in the world, increasing the bottom line of SMBs.
  2. The cloud boosts efficiency. Without the need for data silos, cloud applications can drastically reduce bottlenecks and failures.
  3. Ease of Use. No downloading or installing software yourself, it is all done for you in the cloud. The cloud also has virtually unlimited storage capacity compared to a typical hard drive. It is totally adaptable, so if you need more storage, it’s instantly available. Your employees also have the ability to access software and data from nearly any device with an Internet connection.
  4. The cloud is more secure. Backups are that much easier to implement and access, meaning that your business can be up and running after a data breach in minutes rather than days.

Smallbiztrends.com, 11/27/2018