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Sentinel Services

Sentinel Services


Sentinel Services gives you the freedom to focus on growing and developing your business with proactive management, maintenance and monitoring of your entire computer system - all for a flat monthly rate.

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IT Strategy Kansas

IT Strategy


Count on our industry experience, technical know-how and business acumen to help you strategize and develop IT solutions that meet your company’s long-term objectives.

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IT Support Kansas

IT Support


When something goes wrong with your systems, you need to know you can count on your support provider. Choose Networks combines proactive solutions with responsive troubleshooting.

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IT Infrastructure Kansas

IT Infrastructure


Don’t settle for off-the-shelf infrastructure models - instead, insist on a tailored design for your network centered on your working methods and geared to help you grow.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Networks is locally owned and our team is committed to securing the most innovative and value-generating IT solutions for businesses of all sizes right across Kansas. We put a premium on understanding your company’s direction of travel, so that we can combine that information with our industry experience and determine how best to get you there. The comprehensive range of Choose Networks services give you all you need to ensure that your IT takes your business to the next level.

Chris Hoose, President, Choose Networks, Inc.

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The Cyber Security Crisis - Free Report

Download our Free Report on The Cyber Security Crisis. Learn the urgent and critical protections we are urging all businesses to have in place NOW to protect their bank accounts, client data, confidential information and reputation from the tsunami of cybercrime.

The growth and sophistication of cybercriminals, ransomware and hacker attacks has reached epic levels, and NEW protections are now required. We have created this report to inform our private clients about what’s going on and educate them on new protections we are urging you to put in place.

We’ve been watching these trends and putting in place new technologies, protocols and services to protect our clients. Some we’ve been able to include in our Sentinel Services plan – but some are newer, more effective and are included in an add-on called Vigilance.

Empower your IT support with a free copy of The Cyber Security Crisis.

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About Choose Networks

We are your dream ticket to escaping IT headaches and enjoying the benefit of systems that work with you, rather than against you.

Choose Networks provides innovative and customized IT solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. From proactive sentinel monitoring to Office 365 or Mac support, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best technology solutions. Our client-specific approach allows us to create systems that align with your business’ long-term goals and future growth.

Learn how we solve business challenges with IT solutions from the Choose Network President, Chris Hoose.

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