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Managed IT Services Kansas

Managed IT Services


Be free to focus on growing and developing your business with proactive management, maintenance and monitoring of your entire computer system - all for a flat monthly rate.

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IT Strategy Kansas

IT Strategy


Count on our industry experience, technical know-how and business acumen to help you strategize and develop IT solutions that meet your company’s long-term objectives.

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IT Support Kansas

IT Support


When something goes wrong with your systems, you need to know you can count on your support provider. Choose Networks combines proactive solutions with responsive troubleshooting.

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IT Infrastructure Kansas

IT Infrastructure


Don’t settle for off-the-shelf infrastructure models - instead, insist on a tailored design for your network centered on your working methods and geared to help you grow.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Networks is locally owned and our team is committed to securing the most innovative and value-generating IT solutions for businesses of all sizes right across Kansas. We put a premium on understanding your company’s direction of travel, so that we can combine that information with our industry experience and determine how best to get you there. The comprehensive range of Choose Networks services give you all you need to ensure that your IT takes your business to the next level.

Chris Hoose,
President, Choose Networks, Inc.

Why Choose Networks Kansas

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Solutions To Our IT Issues Are One Phone Call Away

"We like knowing that it only takes one phone call to get our problem resolved, whether it is a hardware, software, internet or other IT issue. Choose Networks reduces the amount of time that our staff is consumed with IT issues, and continuously provides us with better (much better) results."

Laura Parrish,
Managing Partner, Criser Gough & Parrish LLC
Testimonial Laura Choose Networks Kansas

We Have Been With Choose Networks For 10 Years!

"We have been using Choose Networks since I bought my company over 10 years ago. With all of the imaging, scanning and printing we do, we are out of business if our network goes down. We pay Choose Networks a monthly fee, and if a computer doesn’t turn on, we call them and they immediately take care of it. We know our costs, and there aren’t any surprises."

Jim Pirtle,
President, DOCS
Testimonial Jim Choose Networks Kansas

Choose Networks Represents An Extension Of Our Staff

"Our relationship with Choose Networks is very personal and specific. They care about our needs, as if they are personally invested in our congregation and school. I see them as an extension of our staff, not as a hired support service. I have confidence that no matter how big Choose grows, we will always be treated in this very personal nature."

Katherine Wallace,
Technology Coordinator, Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School
Testimonial Katherine Choose Networks Kansas

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About Choose Networks

At Choose Networks, we pride ourselves on offering technology solutions that free you up from frustrating distractions and allow you to focus on your job. We design systems with your long-term objectives in mind, enabling you to drive real growth in your company and secure greater return on investment. Whatever the size of your organization, we take a client-centric approach that involves understanding your needs and devising integrated responses. Combined with proactive maintenance and monitoring of your systems, Choose Networks is your dream ticket to escaping IT headaches and instead enjoying the benefit of systems that work with rather than against you.

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